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A Word from the Editors

The Czech Yearbooks Project aims to create an open forum for the presentation and exchange of a variety of legal perspectives of authors from Central and Eastern Europe in a manner easily accessible to readers worldwide.Prof. Alexander J. Bělohlávek

The Czech Yearbooks Project, for the moment made up of the Czech Yearbook of International Law® and the Czech (& Central European) Yearbook of Arbitration®, began with the idea to create an open platform for presenting the development of both legal theory and legal practice in Central and Eastern Europe and the approximation thereof to readers worldwide. This platform should serve as an open forum for interested scholars, writers, and prospective students, as well as practitioners, for the exchange of different approaches to problems being analysed by authors from different jurisdictions, and therefore providing interesting insight into issues being dealt with differently in many different countries. The openness of the platform is not only based on the broad range of languages that it covers, but also on the approach toward its readers and authors, who are eagerly encouraged to support us in creating the broadest open forum in the areas of interest.

We hope you enjoy our endeavour to create this ambitious project, and you are warmly invited to take part in its creation.

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